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Why Ignoring Social Media in Esports Could Cost You Championships and Fans

The Power of Social Media in Esports

Esports has seen remarkable development in recent years, with game developers, sponsors, investors and fans all getting involved in the vast opportunities presented by the rapidly-growing industry. As with any other competitive sport, Esports teams and athletes aim to win more matches, trophies, titles and of course, gain more loyal fans. One way to effectively achieve these goals is through social media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch have become essential tools in the contemporary public relations and marketing industry. However, the value of social media in esports goes far beyond simply having an active account with a large following.

Why Ignoring Social Media Could Cost You Championships and Fans

1. Exposure for Esports Organizations

Esports teams that have a strong and articulate social media presence can gain a significant advantage over those who fail to recognize the value of engaging with their audience online. A strong presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram can generate thousands of views, engagements and clicks, which gives your team or organization ample opportunities to gain new fans and increase your brand following.

For instance, teams that have active social media accounts tend to receive more exposure on competitive gaming media outlets, translated to more PR opportunities for the team, higher chances of securing lucrative sponsorship deals, and greater brand recognition for players.

2. Building Loyalty and Fan Engagement

Social media presents an excellent opportunity for Esports players to connect with their fans, develop meaningful conversations and build relationships that generate loyalty. Esports can have dedicated communities, like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Call of Duty, and as a result, the chance of creating a close-knit bond among players and fans is almost certain.

As a result of this heightened engagement and connectivity, the team can receive better loyalty and support from their fans, creating that much-needed motivation in the competitive world of Esports. When a team can produce a loyal fan base, it is much more likely that the team will achieve higher levels of success as the team looks to reach out to a loyal group of followers who will enthusiastically respond to any initiatives, promotions, or sponsor interaction.

3. Opportunities for Sponsorships and Collaborations

Social media presents a vast number of opportunities for brands to reach out to potential consumers, advertise products, and maximize brand exposure across a diverse range of demographics. Esports players and organizations can leverage their social media presence to secure lucrative sponsorship deals with major brands, driving more revenue streams to the organization and of course, the players themselves.

When Esports players excel through social media, they can demonstrate their strength and expertise in the gaming world, attracting lucrative partnership and collaboration opportunities from the prominent gaming brands. Social media can provide the perfect platform for teams to showcase their brand, player endorsements, and merchandise releases to a large audience, presenting excellent opportunities for sponsorships and collaborations.

4. Staying Ahead of the Competition

Esports is a fast-growing industry, with thousands of players and teams joining the field. In this competitive space, those who fail to keep up with the industry-standard practices are quickly left behind. Social media is one of the fundamental aspects that players, teams and organizations need to keep up to maximize their odds of success.

Staying proactive on social media can differentiate your team from another that lacks a strong online presence, attracting new fans, partnerships, and collaborations. Players that promote their brand and value through social media can make a significant impact on their team’s success off the field, and on the field, where they have the support of their dedicated followers and sponsors, pushing them further than isolated competitors.

Tips for Excelling in Social Media for Esports

1. Post Live Streams, Highlights and Announcements Regularly

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your viewers and increase engagement is by providing regular live streams, highlights, and frequent announcements. Social media is a diverse and dynamic place, and you can maximize audience attention by frequently providing them with exciting content. By providing regular updates and exciting content on social media, you can build an army of dedicated and loyal followers who would be more than willing to support your team on and off the field.

2. Develop a Brand Story and Narrative

Developing a unique brand narrative that reflects your values and goals as a team is another important aspect of social media success. A unique brand story that aligns well with your team’s purpose and vision can help you stand out from other competing organizations and is also crucial for developing a winning social media strategy. Developing an effective brand story that has substance, value, and a relatable nature can attract significant audiences, media attention, sponsors and help players in the team create an effective and presentable brand identity.

3. Engage with Your Fans and Followers

Social media platforms are all about engagement and interaction, and it is essential to engage your followers on a regular basis to maintain relevance and develop loyalty. Responding to your fans’ questions, comments, and compliments can create a positive and memorable experience for your followers, and many of them will return to provide you with continued support. Engaging with your followers can also help you build a stronger social media presence, with users more likely to share your content, subscribe to your channels, and advocate on your behalf.

4. Advertise Your Team, Players, and Achievements

Social media can help you promote your players and present your team identity to the wider public. Advertising your team, players and accomplishments can create an unforgettable experience for your fans, potential sponsors and prospects, and can help your organization attract new opportunities, followers, and revenue. Utilizing social ads can give your campaign a significant boost, and can be an incredibly effective way of driving more leads and sales to your organization.


Social media is an essential aspect of the Esports industry, and teams that fail to acknowledge and leverage the value of these platforms are missing out on vital opportunities. Organizations that can master this vital aspect can reach more fans, secure more lucrative sponsorships and partnerships, gain new supporters, differentiate themselves from competing teams, and create a more successful campaign overall. Esports players and team organizations must invest in their social media strategy, create a unique brand narrative, interact frequently with their followers, and promote their brand, players, and achievements to win more on and off the field.

Abigail Foster


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